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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Achyutaya Yogi Ayu Tel

Product Name :- Achyutaya Yogi Ayu Tel
Benefits: For treating ear and nose aliments.
Dosage: Pour 2 to 4 drops twice  in (the morning and evening) or thrice a day in each ear. OR as directed by physician.   
Quantity :- 20 ml. 
Benefits of Achyutaya Yogi Ayu Tel :- It removes kapha and unwanted waste material from nose, ear & CNS (shiro virechan). 
Main Ingredients :- Sesame oil (til tel), Ash of achyranthus aspera(apamargkshar) etc.
Online Buying Link:-  Price INR15, you can buy it online from ashram e store here:-

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Mamra Almonds Mixture ( Mamra Badam Mishran)

1.Mamra Almonds Mixture ( Mamra Badam Mishran) is a new herbal product of saint shri Asaram Bapu ashram e store.

2. This Mamra Almonds Mixture ( Mamra Badam Mishran) is made by 100 gm mamara almonds and 100 gm cow ghee plus other herbs net weight of this mixture is 350 gm.
3. Mahila utthan trust make this mishran by  Mamara badam, cow ghee and other herbs, in making process of this mixture take all of these in the pot of silver or marble and press this pot in grains hold up to seven days.

4.Take 1 teaspoon daily in the morning on an empty stomach (8 to 10 grams) and chew the mixture before intake. 

5.Light dose would be nice to be in these days.

6. It intake increases eyesight, the brain and nervous system is robust, increasing age.

7. You can buy it online from ashram e store here:-

Disclaimer:- Please consult your doctor before taking any herbal product, this blog is only for educational purpose and not recommending any treatment, herbal or other medicine without prior consultation of a qualified doctor.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Achyutaya Harad Murabba or Harar ka Murba

Harar murabba or Harad ka murba is a preserve sweet which makes by Harad.
Harad murraba is used in ayurvedic and Unani medicine for the treatment of respiratory and abdominal diseases. Murabba of harar is prepared from the fruits of plant terminalia chebula (also known as yellow myrobalam and Chebulic myrobalan). 
Harar murabba is helpful in the management of chronic and obstinate constipation, acidity, hard stools, haemorrhoids, common cold, cough and asthmatic problems. 
Harad murabba is also good nutritious sweet preserve for brain and respiratory system. 
It provides strength to lungs, alleviates inflammation, and dilates airways, which ultimately gives relief in chest congestion, wheezing and breathing troubles.
Achyutaya Harad Murabba is a natural herbal preparation to balance vata disorders. 
Achyutaya Harad Murabba is made from fresh and organic harad (Terminalia Chebula) with sugar. 
This delicious Achyutaya murabba is an excellent nourishment for the brain and improve mental development. 
It also improves appetite and treats indigestion. Harad has natural laxative properties and harad muraba is ideal for treating constipation, piles, heartburn, acidity, etc. it is gives relief from cough, cold, and other respiratory illnesses. 
Harad Murabba has healing properties therefore very effective in curing ulcers and wounds. 
The antioxidant property of harad helps to neutralize free radicals and helps in cell regeneration. Harad is known to cure eye diseases. It alleviates back pain, chronic fever, gout, etc. 
Packing:-Achyutaya Harad Murbba is available in 500 gm pack in INR 45 only

Monday, December 14, 2015

Homoeo ( Homeo) Power Care

1. Homoeo ( Homeo) Power Care is a new product of saint shri asaram bapu ji. 

2.Homoeo ( Homeo) Power Care Increases body immunity and your working capacity. 
 3.Homoeo ( Homeo) Power Care is a homoeopathic medicine which may capable of eradicating all physical diseases. 
 4. It also helps in physical growth and in regeneration of cells. 
5. Asaram bapu official e store detail page claim that it have amazing benefits to patients suffering from diseases like AIDS, cancer, tuberculosis, etc. 
 6.Homoeo ( Homeo) Power Care is an excellent health tonic for pregnant women and lactating mothers. 
 7. Homoeo ( Homeo) Power Care available at INR 60 in a packing of 65 tablet at all asaram ji ashram store. 
8. For online order visit this link http://www.ashramestore.com/single.php?id=303

Other Medicines:-

Achyutaya Ardusi Ark ( For cough and tuberculosis)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Achyutaya Kosth Shuddhhi Tablet

Koshth Suddhi means remove unwanted waste products from liver intestine and stomach. This tablet is made from vidang, tulsi beej and inderjo harbs. Achyutaya Kosth
Shuddhhi Tablet is available in 50 g. pack
Direction For Use :- 
(Please consult your doctor before use)
2 to 3 tab. morning empty stomach with luke warm water.( Dose depends upon age, weight & illness of the individuals). OR as directed by physician. 
 Note :- Do not take milk 2 hr. before & 2 hr. after medicine. Benefits :- Kosth shudhdhi means removing unwanted waste products from stomach, intestine, liver, spleen & blood. Useful in abdominal pain, sprue, diarrhoea, dysentery, piles,fistula, constipation etc. Also useful in cough, asthma,chronic lung disease of children viz. allergic bronchitis, whooping cough etc., nocturnal in children, eosinophilia, periodic recurrent fever etc. 
Main Ingredients :- Emblica ribes(vidang), Holarrhena antidysenterica(indrayav), ocimum sanctum (Tulsi Beej ) etc.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Pujay Bapu Ji Miracle Treatment for Back pain, Joint pain Cervical pain etc

Respected Readers,

Today I share pujay asaram bapu miracle pranayama treatment for back pain, joint pain cervical spondylosis pain sleep disk sciatica pain, stammering and stuttering .
I also tell you scientific explanation of this treatment.
Take a deep breath 
Hold it for 75 seconds ( 1.25 minutes ) 
Please note:- Bapu ji recommended 1.25 minute holding but if you are unable to hold for long time then hold as your capacity and do not force because forcefully holding of breath may hurt you.
Ok I repeat it again:-
Take a deep breath 
Hold it for 75 seconds ( 1.25 minutes )
Now chanting in your memory
Nase Rog Hare Sab Pira
Japat Nirantar Hanumant Bira
And after 75 seconds relive this breath by your mouth.
Take 7 cycle of this method twice a day ( evening and morning)
See this you tube video for full understanding this method ( this method is explain in middle of video so watch full video):-
Scientific explanation of this Technic:- Holding of breath increase carbon di oxide in your blood it also increase bi carbonate ions in your blood which overall increase serum calcium and magnesium level and improve pain and stammering plus stuttering.
 Read these external links for more detail of hyperventilation

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Kidney and Gallbladder Stone Herbal Treatment by Achutaya Herbs. पूज्य बापू जी द्वारा बताया गया पथरी का ईलाज

Bapu Ji explained herbal  treatment for kidney and gallbladder Stone

 Patthar Chatta is Dissolve kidney stone
What means of Pattharchatta:- Pathrchtta or Pathrichat who ate (digest) stones  
Botanical name of Patharchatta:- Bryophyllum is the botanical name of patharchatta.
Regional name:-In Chatisgarh  patharchatta is known as Bhasma Pathari, In Maharastra it is known as Panfutti
Dosage:- 2 Leafs per day in empty stomach
See details in this you-tube video:-
Other Associate Treatments:-
Gogharan Ark for Kidney Stones
Liver Tonic for Gall Bladder Stones

पूज्य बापू जी द्वारा बताया गया पथरी का ईलाज 
 पूज्य बापू जी कहते हैं कि भुलकर भी पथरी का ओपरेशन मत कराना पथरी के लिये पथरचट्टा नाम का पौधा उपयोग में आता है।
पथरी चाहे किडनी में हो चाहे पिताशय में हो दोनो इससे ठीक होती है।
 पथरचट्टा या पथरीचट जो पथरी को चट (हजम) कर जावे वो पथरीचट कहलाता है। छतीसगढी में इसे भस्म पथरी भी कहते हैं। पनफुट्टी महाराष्ट्र में कहते है।
इसका पता लाकर उसको चिर लिजिये व चिरा हुआ भाग नीचे रखकर गमले में उगा लिजिये उससे नया पौधा बन जावेगा। इसके दो पते धोकर खाने से कुछ ही दिन में पत्थरी टुकड़े टुकड़े होकर निकल जावेगी खाली पेट खाने से ज्यादा फायदा है। 
भस्म पथरी से पथरी भस्म हो जावेगी। गरीब लोगों को ओपरेशन करवाने की जरूरत नहीं है अमीर शौकिया करवावे तो उसकी मरजी है। सूजन हो घुटने में दर्द हो तो भी इसको मसलकर लगााया जा सकता है।
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